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Myavana Is The First Hair Care Recommendation System

Getting the hair that you love is a journey…. a journey we’ve experienced ourselves. We’ve blended technology, hair expertise, and community that will take the guesswork out of having healthy, stylish hair. Every woman is beautifully different, so that calls for different needs in how we manage our hair. Welcome to the Myavana experience, your hair & beauty nirvana.

Hair Analysis

$ 75.00

Unlock the secrets of science in discovering your true hair texture, type, and condition. Your Hair Analysis Includes:

  • Microscopic Strand Analysis
  • Complete Hair Assessment uncovering your hair's porosity, elasticity, and texture
  • Personalized Hair Care Plan to meet your hair goals and create a path to healthy hair
  • Myavana Personalized Hair Profile on our Website and Mobile App

We send you an easy to use hair collection kit, then we scientifically analyze your hair and determine its key characteristics, including ability to retain moisture, strength, and which ingredients your hair needs to be healthy. 

Once analyzed, we produce a comprehensive hair report which you can access anytime, online – your personal hair profile. One of our hair care experts will explain your hair results and help answer any hair questions you might have.

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How It Works

Purchase Hair Analysis Kit

You can make a one-time purchase or join as a member and you will receive a hair analysis kit in the mail to submit your hair strands to our lab.

Scientific Assessment

Our team of engineers and cosmetologists will perform a microscopic assessment on your hair texture, type, and condition - unlocking your hair's true potential!

Hair Care Results & Recommendations

You will receive the results of your hair analysis in a hair care profile on our website and mobile app with all of your product & ingredient recommendations, regimens, and stylist referral.

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