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my hair nirvana

We’ve created the perfect blend of technology & science to reach your hair nirvana. MYAVANA caters to your individual hair questions and needs right in the palm of your hand. Our app uses artificial intelligence and hair care experts to instantly provide guidance throughout your hair journey.

How It Works

Subscribe to the MYAVANA app for only $1.99/month and receive a personal hair consultant, tailored product recommendations, salons that cater to your hair health needs, and much more.
Follow these 3 simple steps to get started:


Snap a hair pic using MYAVANA technology:

Our app provides instant guidance by taking a selfie photo of your hair along with a consultation with an expert.


Instantly receive your personalized hair analysis:

Our technology analyzes your unique hair type combination with tips on what it needs for health and styling.


Receive product recommendations & more:

Our system matches your personalized hair profile with the top products in the market that are best suited for your unique hair needs.

MYAVANA is here to offer expert tips & knowledge on:

"Discovering Myavana has completely changed my hair. Before I was spending a lot of money and time trying to figure out what products worked for my hair. I could see my hair transitioning and how my hair did not match from the crown to the ends, which was such a challenge. After attending various natural hair events, I stumbled upon Myavana's launch. The feature to have my individual hair strand analysis was truly the big draw for me. Myavana gave me great products that work well with my hair and they were all natural, which I love. Also, to see the science behind the process was really cool for me. Thanks to Myavana I now have a better understanding of my hair and hopefully that will help me learn more on how to manage my girls' hair as well."