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“Expert-Guided Healthy Hair Care: Personalized Plans Rooted in Science and Technology for Your Unique Texture, Type & Condition”

Are You Ready for the Future of Personalized Healthy Hair Care? Join MYAVANA, Because We Care. Discover Your Perfect Healthy Hair Care Plan & Products for Your Unique Hair ID.

With MYAVANA HairAI™ technology, you receive an instant analysis of your unique hair textures and types. This advanced technology considers the complexity and fluidity of your hair challenges, changes, and styles, offering the best product recommendations tailored just for you. Start your journey to hair nirvana sooner with our expert guidance.
Explore the Science Behind Your Hair Care
  • Dive into details In The Lab with MYAVANA HairSI™ to understand your comprehensive healthy hair care plan, rooted in scientific intelligence and solutions. Achieve your hair goals and overcome hair challenges with a team led by passionate women cosmetologists and scientists. Your experience includes:
    • A virtual consultation with your personal Healthy Hair Expert
    • Unlimited access to your Healthy Hair Care Plan journey
    • Your Unique HairID and a digital healthy hair care plan accessible through our web and mobile platform
    Book a Hair Consultation Today Let our healthy hair experts guide you to the best solutions for your hair life and style. Join MYAVANA and transform your hair care routine with science-backed, personalized plans.
  • MYAVANA is a personalized hair C.A.R.E system with 4 easy steps

    • Consult

      We learn about your personal hair goals.

    • Analyze

      We analyze where you are on your hair care journey today.

    • Recommend

      We recommend products, ingredients, and regimens personalized to you.

    • Educate

      We provide you with a plan that will care for your crown the way it deserves.

    Explore MYAVANA


    Get your Instant Hair Analysis providing you with personalized product recommendations.


    Your 3-in-1 healthy hair solution and our most popular product.

    1. Includes a virtual consultation with your very own Healthy Hair Expert.
    2. Includes access to HairAI™ for unlimited use on your hair care journey.
    3. Provides your Unique HairID + a digital healthy hair care plan accessible at your fingertips through our web and mobile platform.

    Hair Care Consultations

    Not sure where to start? Book a hair care consultation with one of our hair care experts.

    MYAVANA Labs

    Learn how we partner with salons and retailers to improve customer experiences and increase revenues.

    • MYAVANA Pro+: For Salons looking to transform and position their businesses for success. LEARN MORE.
    • MYAVANA HairCI: For companies looking for real-time data & analytics on their target consumer. LEARN MORE.
    • MYAVANA HairRI: For retailers looking to drive purchases across the products they offer. LEARN MORE.


    I tried Myavana to find out a little more about my hair. I go to the hairdresser but STILL didn’t understand my hair. I needed more insight because there’s more than one hair texture on my head. It was pretty interesting to find out why my hair doesn’t hold curls…I find it valuable now because I want to learn more about how to manage my hair better than what I was doing before. This is like a program that will give you a better understanding of your natural hair. The whole part about it being personalized really appealed to me. I like things that are specifically about me when it comes to products

    Ashley Williams

    I approached Myavana because I was transitioning, trying to figure out my natural hair that I hadn't seen in 28 years. bc I could see my hair in transitioning and it wasn't matching from the crown of my head to the ends. I then decided to give it a try. Once I had my strand of hair analyzed everything changed! The products they recommended worked really well on my hair, they were also natural products, which I loved, and seeing the science behind it was kind of cool

    Joy Brown

    I signed up for Myavana to receive styles & techniques for my hair type, know what products to use, and get detailed information about my hair strands. I would normally just search YouTube, Pinterest, and hair care forums. I look for girls that have the same hair like mine and see what they do with their hair but that rarely ever works. Myavana showed me what’s really going on with my hair and what’s causing my hair issues like not  having enough protein.

    Rochelle Johnson

    Discovering Myavana has completely changed my hair. Before I was spending a lot of money and time trying to figure out what products worked for my hair. I could see my hair transitioning and how my hair did not match from the crown to the ends, which was such a challenge. The hair strand analysis was truly the big draw for me. Myavana gave me great products that work well with my hair and they were all natural, which I love! Also, to see the science behind the process was really cool for me. Thanks to Myavana I now have a better understanding of my hair and hopefully that will help me learn more on how to manage my girls' hair as well

    Haizel McIntyre

    “This ‘high-tech Matchmaker’ is the next big thing in beauty.”


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