How do I gain access to my HairAI™ results?

How do I gain access to my HairAI™ results?

How do I get started with HairSI™?

How do I get started with HairSI™?

Frequently Asked Questions

Hair Analysis Kit (Scientific Intelligence/HairSI™)

What is MYAVANA HairSI™ Strand Analysis?

MYAVANA HairSI™ Strand Analysis examines microscopic hair images. Our Hair Analysis use microscopic images of the hair strands to identify hair type, texture, as well as condition. HairSI provides a Healthy Hair Care Plan complete with a hair care regimen.

What is the cost for the MYAVANA HairSI™ Strand Analysis Kit?

The MYAVANA SI Strand Analysis Kit is $99 USD plus shipping and handling.

How long after purchase do I have to use my MYAVANA HairSI™ strand analysis kit?

You have 90 days to complete the full C.A.R.E process after the purchase of your strand analysis kit.

How does Myavana store my hair strands?

We dispose of all hair strands safely after analysis. We do not store or sell any personal identifiable information from your hair strands to any 3rd parties.

How are MYAVANA HairSI™ product quality attributes evaluated?

MYAVANA HairSI™ Research evaluates ingredients, product application and usage as well as personalization attributes.

How accurate are the MYAVANA HairSI™ hair strand analysis results?

Our hair strand analysis is highly accurate with a 90% satisfaction rate in the recommendations we provide. The high level of accuracy comes from the scientific data collected through analyzing your hair strands in our lab to review and assess key hair characteristics down to the microscopic level: 

  • porosity (ability to retain moisture) 
  • elasticity (ability to go from curly to straight), 
  • the strand diameter (reveals your true hair texture)
  • the current condition of your hair shaft and cuticle layer (any breakage, product build-up, damage, etc.)  
  • curl pattern (reveals your true hair type)

This data matches you with the best hair products on the market and the ingredients you need to reach your hair goals and ultimately achieve healthy hair.

What is included in the MYAVANA HairSI™ strand analysis package?

The MYAVANA HairSI™ strand analysis package includes the following: 

  • Pre-analysis consultation with your healthy hair care expert, 
  • Digital Hair Care assessment 
  • Hair Analysis Testing
  • Personalized hair care plan containing the exact products, ingredients, and step-by-step regimens to reach your hair goals.
What should I expect in the MYAVANA HairSI™ hair strand analysis kit?

The Myavana HairSI Kit includes the following:

  • Comb
  • Hair strand bags
  • Card for your name and email
  • Card with instructions
  • Prepaid envelope to send your hair strands back
  • It comes in a MYAVANA branded box
What are the steps to follow to receive a Healthy Hair Care Plan?

Personalized, Scientific Hair Strand Analysis Insights in 5 Simple Steps:

  1. Order your Myavana HairSI™ scientific hair strand analysis kit
  2. Follow the simple steps to comb out & submit your hair strands in the labeled hair strand bags
  3. Mail your strand bags to Myavana HairSI™ labs in the prepaid envelope
  4. Once strands have been received by our lab, receive your hair strand results within 10-15 business day, scientific insights & personalized product recommendations
  5. Schedule your paid post analysis consultation (optional) with your Myavana healthy hair consultant to review your results, insights, product & care recommendations.
How do I complete my digital hair assessment?

Register your account and login to our Customer Dashboard at this link:

Note: *If you have already created an account on our mobile app, you can login with the same credentials.* Once logged in, click Start to complete your digital hair assessment. 

How are the pre-analysis consultations conducted?

Our pre-analysis consultations are conducted virtually via zoom or phone call.

Does the analysis determine what products you should use based on desired styling outcome? Or just to repair certain damage?

The analysis determines the products you should use based on the texture, type, and condition of your hair, self-identified hair challenges as well as personal preferences. Our Hair Analyst uses these details along with any additional context provided during the pre-consultation to recommend the best products for your hair.

How can I receive a copy of my hair analysis that was previously paid for and conducted?

Results can be found on our customer dashboard or on our app under “Healthy Hair Care Plan”

Register your account and login to our Customer Dashboard with the link below:

Note: *If you have already created an account on our mobile app, you can login with the same login credentials.

I have a discount code for a free MYAVANA SI Hair Strand Analysis Kit. How do I redeem my kit?

Congratulations! You can redeem your gift code here

Follow the below steps to complete your order.

  • Enter redemption code then select “LOOK UP CODE”
  • Click on 'REDEEM GIFT NOW"
  • Enter your email address and shipping details
  • Click on "Continue to shipping"
  • Click on "Continue to payment"
  • Select either of the Billing Address Options
  • Click on "Complete order".
I have several different textures of hair, will the MYAVANA SI hair strand analysis kit work for me?

Yes! Our MYAVANA HairSI™ hair strand analysis kit requires submission of hair strands from the 5 main sections of your hair (Top Left, Top Right, Crown, Back Left, Back Right) in order to capture the various types and textures across your head.

Do you formulate your own hair products in a lab?

We do not formulate our own products yet. We recommend products currently out on the market.

How often should I get an SI analysis?

We recommend that you have an analysis done every six months and/or prior to any color/chemical treatment.

And what product lines do you work with?

We recommend various products across the hair care industry. From small independent brands to more popular widely used brands as well as all price points.

When can I expect my hair analysis results?

10-15 BUSINESS DAYS after your hair samples have been RECEIVED in our lab.

You say "Your Hair Is As Unique As Your Fingerprint". What do you mean by that?

"Your hair is as unique as your fingerprint" means that your combination of hair type, hair texture, and hair condition is completely unique (not the exact same as any other woman) and that is a biological fact, much like the uniqueness of your fingerprint.

Can I speak with a healthy hair consultant without purchasing the MYAVANA SI hair strand analysis kit?

Yes! Visit our Hair Consultations page to book an appointment with your MYAVANA Hair Coach today.

When will my MYAVANA SI hair strand analysis be shipped?

Orders are shipped in bulk each Wednesday. If your purchase was made on a Friday, expect your tracking information the following Wednesday to the email addressed used to make the purchase.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes! MYAVANA offer worldwide shipping

Is there an affiliate program for the MYAVANA HairSI™ hair strand analysis kit?

Yes! Sign up for our affiliate program:

Can the MYAVANA HairSI™I hair strand analysis kit be done in a salon?

Yes! You have the option to complete your strand analysis kit in our partner salons.

Download our app from your App Store/ Google Play, sign up and request a recommended stylist.

HairSI™ Shipping Delays

We partner with USPS for shipping. They’ve recently implemented changes that have significantly impacted shipping times. As a proud small business, our goal is to fulfill your order as quickly as possible to support your healthy hair journey. However, any shipping delays are unfortunately beyond our control.

Rest assured, we'll keep you updated every step of the way. We truly appreciate your understanding.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions at Thank you for choosing MYAVANA for your healthy hair care needs!

How do I request a refund?

Complete and submit your refund request using our contact us page:

Hair Artificial Intelligence (HairAI™)

What is the MYAVANA HairAI™?

MYAVANA HairAI™ is the pioneer of AI Technology for healthy hair care & beyond by providing instant analysis of current hair textures and types for high-performance product recommendations.

How does the MYAVANA HairAI™ work?

MYAVANA HairAI™ (patent pending) is the world's first Photo-Instant Hair Analysis Technology for textured hair—all powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Simply use your camera on your mobile device or desktop to digitally capture your hair to receive an instant analysis of your hair type and texture.

What is the cost for the MYAVANA Hair AI?

The MYAVANA HairAI™  is $29 for one-time use. A subscription to HairAI™ is $24.65/month.

Is this a subscription or one time payment?

MYAVANA HairAI™ can be purchased for one-time use or a recurring monthly subscription.

What are the steps to follow to subscribe to the MYAVANA HairAI™?
  1. From your phone or desktop navigate to MYAVANA HairAi™ Instant Analysis.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you can select from either of the below options: a) One-Time Purchase. b) Monthly Subscription
  3. Once you’ve selected the desired subscription option; Add to cart
  4. Enter your payment details 
  5. Authorize Payment
What are the steps to follow to complete MYAVANA HairAI™ assessment?
  1. Check your email for access to the customer dashboard. 
  2. Use the login details provided in your email to register your account.
  3. You will be required to complete the digital hair assessment.
  4. Upload a selfie photo with a good view of your current hair.
  5. Powerful Myavana HairAI™ analyzes your unique hair texture and type and provides you, customized hair product recommendations
  6. Access your digital hair profile on your account dashboard regularly for all your ongoing product recommendations and to book a consultation.
Where do I find my analysis results?

Once you’ve completed the analysis, you can access the results via the Customer Dashboard.

Feel free to access your Customer Dashboard via desktop or the mobile app. Your results will be displayed once you select “Digital Hair AI Results”

Note: *If you have already created an account on our mobile app, you can login with the same login credentials.

How do I get started with the MYAVANA HairAI™?

Sign up here: MYAVANA Hair AI

Can I access the MYAVANA HairAI™ on my phone?

Not at this time. We look forward to adding HairAI™ to the mobile experience.

How do I cancel my MYAVANA HairAI™ subscription?

To cancel your MYAVANA HairAI™ subscription please send an email to

Hair Consumer Intelligence (HairCI™)

What is the MYAVANA HairCI™ Consumer Intelligence?

MYAVANA SI™ Labs is leading a disruptive transformation of the hair care industry by unleashing a level of personalized insights and hair care solutions never before achieved.

Who does this product serve?

For salon professionals — data application is a game changer. Our MYAVANA HairAI™ and MYAVANA HairSI™ suite of hair analysis tools completely transforms the professional salon experience.

With MYAVANA, salon professionals can offer personalized, data driven scientific hair analysis as part of an elevated luxury experience.

How do I speak with someone about this product?

MYAVANA HairCI™ consultation request form.

Hair Recommendation Intelligence (HairRI™)

What is the MYAVANA HairRI™Recommendation Intelligence?

MYAVANA’s seal of approval for thousands of commercially available haircare products performance tested by Myavana HairSI™ Labs. 

MYAVANA HairSI™ Labs analyzes hair product ingredients and performance tests thousands of popular textured haircare products on the market. Using industry best practices and salon grade standards combined with data from billions of hair strands, MYAVANA HairRI™ certifies haircare products that match and address individual haircare needs for specific, prescriptive haircare solutions.

How do I speak with someone about this product?

MYAVANA HairRI™ consultation request form.


Where can I purchase the MYAVANA app for iPhone?

The MYAVANA app can be downloaded here

Where can I purchase the MYAVANA app for Android?

The MYAVANA app can be downloaded here

Is the app free?

Yes! The MYAVANA app is currently available at no cost.

What are some features of the app?

The MYAVANA app has numerous features to include:

  • Healthy Hair Care Plans
  • MYAVANA Hair Diary
  • Digital Hair AI Results
  • MYAVANA Hair Consultation
  • MYAVANA SI™ hair strand analysis kit 
  • Live Chat with Support
  • Request a Stylist
  • Blog Articles
  • MYAVANA TV suite (Live Hair Chats, Hair Classes etc)
  • MYAVANA Community

Just to name a few.

Retail Optimization

What is Retail Optimization?

Retail Optimization Partners can license Myavana HairAI™ for integration into their retail environment.

How does Retail Optimization work?

Retail environments with Myavana HairAI™ kiosks will have access to the world’s first proprietary AI technology for textured hair to analyze clients’ hair strands through photo-instant AI, offering insights into a client’s unique hair type and texture and instantly generating a personalized list of hair product recommendations from your inventory that best suit their unique hair needs.

Who is this product for?

This product is best suited for Salon/Stylists, Hair Product retailers and more

How do I speak with someone about this product?

Retail Optimization consultation request form.


What is the MYAVANA Pro+?

As a MYAVANA Pro+ Partner you will have access to the world’s first proprietary AI technology for textured hair analysis to analyze clients' hair strands through Photo-Instant AI. Our technology gives you quick insights into clients' unique hair types and textures—anytime, anywhere—whether at the salon or a client's home.

How do I speak with someone about this product?

MYAVANA Pro+ consultation request form.


Do you offer gift cards?

Yes! Gift cards can be purchased here: MYAVANA Gift Card

How do I find your social media pages?

Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Where can I read your blogs?

Read our blogs here: MYAVANA Blog

I don’t see MYAVANA anywhere. How do I learn more?

Learn more here: MYAVANA Press Release

How do I partner with MYAVANA?

Complete this form to speak with our team!

Other inquiries?

Please email us at