Urban Geekz - Myavana Launches New Mobile App For Hair Product Recommendations from a Photo

Atlanta-based beauty tech startup Myavana has just launched a brand new mobile app powered by artificial intelligence that can analyze a photo of your hair for instant product recommendations.
Girl Powered with the Ladies of Myavana

Chanel Martin and Candace Mitchell share why the went into the business of personalized hair care. Find out how it all works, in this clip!
How did Atlanta become a top breeding ground for billion-dollar startups in the Southeast?

Over the past five years, the Southeastern region, led by Atlanta, has gone from being “one of the best kept secrets” in tech, to a vibrant ecosystem teeming...
2016 30 Under 30: Retail & E-Commerce

Candace Mitchell, 27 Cofounder, Techturized, Inc. With co-founder Chanel Martin-- a fellow black woman engineer and Georgia Tech grad -- she's using technology to revolutionize the $3 billion African-Amercan haircare market.
Myavana: The App that Helps You Create a Personalized Hair Care Regimen That Works

Whether you’re a new natural or OG curly girl, achieving healthy hair requires us to understand our unique hair type and create a plan to reach our hair goals, which can be overwhelming with hundreds of “natural hair products” on the market and infinite hair tutorials.
7 Best Hair Apps For Naturalistas

We’ve always been fascinated by companies who are able to juxtapose hair and technology. An individual’s hair journey is very singular, while technology is generally labeled as impersonal and for the masses.
16 Beauty Services Designed Specifically for Women of Color

Whether you're looking for the right foundation shade, beginning a stressful hair transition, or trying to find a stylist who knows the difference between bantu knots and Havana twists, these beauty subscriptions and apps will help you upgrade your hair, skin, and makeup routine.
Candace Mitchell Harris’ Myavana app bridges gap between technology and hair

Beautiful women passionate about the hair industry gathered at Bio Bio, a Black-owned beauty venue in Atlanta, on Thursday evening, Nov. 21, 2019, at the launch party for Candace Mitchell Harris’ new hair app called Myavana.
Georgia Tech - Shattering Startup Stereotypes

As she tells it, the 29-year-old Tech alumna would not likely be leading a haircare revolution with the haircare recommendation system Myavana had it not been for the intense startup education she received at Georgia Tech
Natural Hair Apps You Should Know About

Like most of us, your phone is probably with you at all times. There is no denying we love our phones in this digital day and age. Part of the reason we love our phones so much is that there are so many great apps that make life a little easier in one way or another.
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On March 3, we’re hosting TC Sessions: Justice 2021, a day-long virtual conference dedicated to examining diversity and inclusion in tech. Tune in to presentations, panel discussions, breakout sessions and interactive Q&As with key tech leaders.
For Black Founders, Racial Injustice Isn't New. Here's a Path Forward

Candace Mitchell Harris, co-founder of the beauty tech startup Myavana, talks about Atlanta's tech scene and how to dismantle racial injustice. As nationwide protests against the killing of Black Americans by police continue, Inc.

Entrepreneurial spirit. Intelligence. Unabashed chutzpah. Candace Mitchell is a savvy computer scientist, who is taking on the multi-billion dollar haircare industry through Techturized Inc. Its primary service, Myavana, is a noteworthy...

Spelman College and Myavana have partnered with haircare brands Jane Carter Solution, DooBop and Frizzari to host Myavana Day: A Seminar on Hair, Health, Technology and Entrepreneurship, Monday, Sept. 29, 2014, in the Cosby Auditorium...

Myavana, created by the co-founders of Techturized Inc., has launched a new hair analysis service to solve the pain that many women of color have with their hair— not knowing what products are right to use and how to manage styling on a day-to-day basis.
Send This Company Strands of Your Hair & They'll Give You Product Recommendations Based on Science

Hair may be dead, but the hoopla surrounding it is alive and constantly moving to a beat of billions of dollars in hair products and services. While we love discussing the ins and outs of our hair and what it needs, there are still valid concerns on what works for our hair.
Test Drive: Myavana analyzes your hair to find your perfect haircare product

With all the haircare products out there, how do you know which ones are best for you? Thanks to Candace Mitchell and Chanel Martin, who studied at Georgia Tech, there’s an app for that.
Allure - Wig and Hair Extension Brands Turn Their Focus Onto Hair-Care Analysis

When it comes to hair extensions, the online options offering "pure virgin hair" are, well, extensive. Just look at your Instagram. You probably even get a couple of new (likely unwanted) “try my virgin hair” page followers every day.
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The U.S. is home to roughly 2.5 million Black-owned businesses, according to the Census Bureau. Although the vast majority are sole proprietorships or small-scale affairs, an increasing number have regional reach and national ambitions.
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Sephora has named the eight participants in its Sephora Accelerate Cohort program. The program is part of the company’s Sephora Stands initiative aimed at helping female-founded start-ups in beauty, a group that typically does not have the same access to funding and connections as their male entrepreneurial counterparts. It’s also a way
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As a Black women founder, the facts of being underrepresented, underfunded and undervalued are as prevalent as they are daunting. Yet, I haven’t allowed the chips stacked against me to prevent me from pursuing my entrepreneurial dreams.
Unruly - How To Be A Computer Scientist w/ Candace Mitchell

Frustrated with the damage her hair went through with years of relaxers, dyes, etc., Candace Mitchell decided to use her passion of science and technology to develop Myavana, a product that creates a custom hair care plan for its users.
A New Generation of Black Founders Is Rising in Atlanta--and the Startup World Is Taking Notice

On the 7th floor of Atlanta's historic Biltmore Hotel, high above the Bird and Lime e-scooters below, Paul Judge stands by a window. He points toward nearly every building within a few-block radius. "Five years ago, these spaces were all dirt," he says.