Hello Hydration! From Dry Hair to Hydrated Hair

Hello Hydration! From Dry Hair to Hydrated Hair

Myavana invites you into its lab to analyze and discuss hair hydration. In the lab, we discovered that 85% of the hair strands we analyze are moisture deficient. This deficiency is brought on by a lack of hydrating molecules within the hair strand.

If you suffer from dehydrated strands, you may have a ton of questions about the causes, challenges, and solutions to dry hair. Well, keep reading! We have a few tips to help you better understand hair hydration.

Why is my hair dehydrated?

There could be several reasons why you’re experiencing dry hair. If you are having an issue with dryness, it’s important to understand the cause of your dry hair, because knowing the cause helps you find the solution. Here are a few causes of dehydrated hair:

·         Improper heat styling – includes unregulated heat temperature tools and frequent heat styling

·         Environmental & Sun Damage – includes extreme exposure to dry weather, wind, and sun

·         Harsh Chemical treatments – includes keratin and smoothing treatments, and hair relaxers

·         Over Processed Color – includes frequent application of bleach, high volume peroxide developer (30-40 vol.), and henna

What are the struggles of dehydrated hair?

You’ve probably noticed that your hair isn’t giving what it’s supposed to give due to dryness. There are many challenges that come with dry hair, and if you’re unsure what those challenges look like, Myavana is here to help. If you’re experiencing any of these challenges listed, keep reading for dry hair solutions.

·         Length retention – difficulty retaining length because dryness is causing breakage

·         Natural sheen – dehydrated hair looks dull

·         Curl definition – dehydrated curls lack definition

·         Frizz control – dehydrated hair frizzes and swells in humid conditions

How do I fix dehydrated hair?

The solution to dry hair is hydration! Make sure you’re choosing hydrating products, following hydrating regimens, and using hydrating tools and techniques.

·         For hair hydration, use lightweight hydrating cleansers and conditioners. When purchasing these products, look for keywords like hydrate, lightweight moisture, or weightless.

·         Implement a hair care regimen that includes weekly cleansing and conditioning. Your regimen should also include bi-weekly or monthly deep treatments.

·         Techniques that help with hydration include steam therapy, ceramic fusion heat styling, and wet sets (flexi rods, roller sets, and twists).

Here are a few hair tools you can use to promotes hydration:

·         Steamers

·         Ionic blow dryers

·         Hooded dryer

·         Ceramic heat styling tools

·         Satin/silk scarves

·         Bonnet

·         Pillowcase 

We hope our tips on hair hydration helped you create an action plan to combat dry hair, or avoid dry hair altogether. Myavana will continue its hair research, so stay tuned for more information and tips from the lab. If you’re looking to learn about all things hair, be sure to check out our other blog posts where you will find everything you need to care for your hair the right way.

To keep up with Myavana, follow us on Instagram @myavanahaircare. Also, if you would like to have an analysis done on your own strands, shop the Myavana Hair Analysis Kit on our website.

Thanks for reading, see you next time!

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