Boost Your Hair Care Regimen with Hair Steaming

Boost Your Hair Care Regimen with Hair Steaming


When we think of giving our hair some tender love and care, we think about the basics. The basics include shampooing, deep conditioning, and maybe giving ourselves a hot oil treatment here and there. Although these are staple hair care duties that keep our strands happy, there’s something that can take our hair care to the next level; it’s called hair steaming. 

What is Hair Steaming?
Hair steaming is the process of using moist heat to open up the hair follicle and lift the cuticle on the hair shaft. Performing hair steaming prepares the hair strands to better absorb the products applied to the hair. It’s much like steaming the face before applying skincare products.

What are the Benefits of Hair Steaming?
There are many benefits of hair steaming, and the obvious one is that it allows products to deeply penetrate the hair strand. Steaming also encourages blood flow circulation, which promotes hair growth. It purifies the scalp and assists in removing build up and releasing toxins within the scalp.

When is the Best Time to Steam?
The best time to hair steam is after you have cleansed your scalp and have removed all product build up. You want to make sure that you’re working with a clean foundation (your scalp) before applying more product. After your hair has been hydrated through the steaming process, the products applied afterwards will help seal in that hydration.

Hair Steaming Preparation:

  1. Deep cleanse the hair and scalp with a clarifying shampoo.

  2. Shampoo the hair with a balancing shampoo, such as a hydrating, moisturizing, strengthening or volumizing. 

  3. Rinse well and apply conditioner or deep treatment to the hair. Begin at the roots, then down mid shaft, and then all the way to the ends of the hair strands. If the hair is dense, part it into four sections and apply treatment to each section.

  4. Sit under the hair steamer for 10 to 20 minutes based on desired results.

  5. Allot 10 minutes to steam once a week, 15 minutes every two weeks, or 20+ minutes once a month 

  6. Make sure the ends are clipped on top for maximum benefit of length retention.

  7. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Leave in 10-20% conditioner for naturally curly styling. Rinse 100% for straight styling.

Are there any downsides to Hair Steaming?

Hair Steaming downsides consist of product build up when using heavy formulas that soften the hair too much. Heavy formula products do not rinse well, which leaves product residue. Hair steaming does not cause damage to hair but choosing the wrong products while steaming will definitely be a hair steaming challenge.

Overall, steaming provides many benefits and promotes healthy, moisturized hair. Although there are more good benefits than bad, do not overdo hair steaming. Performing hair steaming too frequently can cause damage to the hair, making the hair strand weak and prone to breakage. 

Whether you choose to have your hair professionally done at the salon, or you choose to steam from the comfort of your home, this hair care gem would be a great addition to your hair care routine. 

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