6 Must-Have Hair Tools for Natural Hair

6 Must-Have Hair Tools for Natural Hair


Every woman has her must-have tools when it comes to her hair regimen. There’s always something you just can’t live without when maintaining and styling your hair. We’ve come up with six must-have hair tools that are important for the natural hair ladies! Maybe you have a few of these items on your list, let’s get into it!

1. Satin Pillowcase

Many of us swear by using a satin bonnet, scarf, or pillowcase before we go to bed. We want to make sure that our hair is well kept throughout the night and is manageable when we wake up in the morning.

A satin pillowcase is great for maintaining hair while asleep because it does not absorb the hair’s natural oils and moisture. It also helps minimize the frizz and friction you would normally experience with a harsher fabric, such as cotton. If you’re trying to look cute for the night and don’t want to wear the bonnet or scarf to bed, a satin pillowcase will do just fine.

2. Wide Tooth Comb

The spaces in a wide tooth comb allow for a gentle detangling of the hair that does not pull on or damage the hair strands. You can use this comb to evenly distribute your conditioner throughout the hair, but overall, the goal is to comb through wet hair without breakage.

3. Denman Brush

The Denman Brush is a popular smoothing tool to use after detangling with a wide tooth comb, but it can be used for so much more. It can be used for smoothing out the hair for sleek styles, defining curls when styling wash-and-go’s, and for simply blow drying the hair. The Denman brush is extremely versatile and should definitely make your list of hair care tools.

4. Ionic Blow Dryer

An ionic blow dryer infuses the water droplets with the hair strand, making it a great conditioning tool. It’s a better alternative to the traditional blow dryer which leaves the hair feeling extremely dry. When using an ionic blow dryer, your hair dries quicker, you can use a lower temperature to dry the hair, and there is less frizz.

A downside to using an ionic blow dryer is that it may not work well with fine hair, causing it to look limp and to feel dry. Also, these blow dryers cost more than traditional blow dryers.

5. Hair Steamer

A hair steamer is a tool that adds moisture to hair and strengthens the elasticity of the hair. It’s a wonderful tool for deep conditioning treatments because it promotes scalp circulation and opens the hair cuticle, which allows products to work more effectively for the hair.

6. Ceramic Flat Iron

A ceramic flat iron is the healthiest heating tool when used properly. The texture transformation infuses maximum hydration on the innermost layer of the strands and sealing the outer layers.

Ceramic coated flat irons are the best to use because they reduce frizz, they’re soft on the hair, and they distribute heat evenly. You are less likely to damage the hair while using these irons because all of the hair is receiving the same amount of heat. Ceramic plates are also smoother, which means they’re less likely to pull on the hair, causing breakage.

All ceramic tools are not created equally, so do your research before making a purchase of a ceramic flat iron.

Many of the tools mentioned are staple products in the natural hair community. Keep in mind that all hair is different, so be sure to research any product or hair tool before purchasing. Make sure that anything you’re thinking of adding to your hair care routine will benefit your hair in every way. We hoped this list introduced new hair tools you can use to better care for your hair.

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