About Us

Myavana is a beauty technology company that specializes in healthy haircare science. We analyze, research and recommend personalized hair care solutions. We are transforming the way women are educated and cared for when it comes to their hair. We work hard to meet the individualized needs of every consumer, while building a revolutionary business that we are extremely proud of. We greet every challenge with perseverance and dedication, knowing that every breakthrough leads to a higher quality of service that will benefit women worldwide.

Our Vision

To provide personalized hair care capabilities for every female consumer around the world. Myavana, created by Techturized Inc., will be the catalyst of breakthrough for millions of women around the world by introducing unprecedented, innovative technology to an outdated industry, while reinventing the standard of beauty.

Our Team

We are a team of computer scientists, chemical engineers, cosmetologists, content creators, business analysts, and hair enthusiasts working together to recommend the best products, services, and hairstyles for your hair texture, type, and condition — because your hair is as unique as a fingerprint.

We are located in Atlanta, GA. Visit our Press page to learn more about our journey, or just email us directly! We are here to help, love, and encourage you through your hair care journey. Contact us at hello@myavana.com