The Real Effect of our Changing Weather on Natural Hair

The Real Effect of our Changing Weather on Natural Hair


Our natural hair as we know it is the most versatile feature of our being. It has the ability to withstand frigid winter temperatures, scorching hot summers, cool spring breeze and awesome autumns but the question still stands, does the changing weather affect our hair and how? As defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, weather is the day to day conditions or state of the atmosphere with respect to heat or cold, wetness or dryness, calm or storm, clearness or cloudiness. Have you ever heard the term, your mood changes like the weather? If you have then you are right on target to understand the reality of what our hair goes through on a daily basis. Now, let's get right to it.

Winter Hair

Welcome to the happiest time of the year, Winter! This season calls for hot chocolate, family gatherings, games and family dinners. While winter is all love and laughter, our hair cries out in misery as it undergoes the biggest shock and stress it could possibly endure. Winters pose the issue of reducing the moisture content in the atmosphere, with that being said our hair will become dryer, stiffer and unable to maintain curl memory. These can become frustrating components especially if we invest heavily in wash and goes and in general wearing our natural hair. Staying hydrated, maintaining hair hydration, retaining hair moisture levels and protecting your hair ends will now be your best friend as you fight through the onslaught of the winter winds. Protective styles, added supplements and steam therapy will also help to alleviate the conditions our hair endures as it fights the elements for the perfect hair storm. 

Summer Hair

Frizz! Frizz! Frizz and more frizz! Humid temperature will not only drive you to a monster puff but will blow you away with moisture, literally! Humidity causes hydrogen bonds to block water molecules and protein to form in your hair causing extra-dryness and frizz. Light oils/products will save your hair during the summer months. The UV rays from the sun also pose a major problem that can damage your hair shaft and follicles depending on the amount of exposure. While protective styles are a hit for the summer break, stay keen on maintaining moisture.

Fall Hair/Spring Hair

Spring and Fall are arguably the best time of the year for hair depending on where you reside. Fall comes at a time when the temperature is changing from the drastic 80͒ F to the cool low 70’s. The truth is this change can be detrimental to our hair. Due to the change in the temperature, your curls are more prone to suffer from dryness. Not to mention the huge changes in humidity, from chia pet to a subtle troll. Regardless of the change, our hair will certainly tell the tale and cry out for more love. Change is inevitable and so our bodies and hair must adapt to each new condition and shock. Deep conditioning treatments and a hair trim should take you safely through this transitioning period.Let’s just say, a protected hair shaft and ends equals strong enough hair that will weather the storm.


The varying weather conditions play a tremendous role in the products you use, the styles you decide to try, how often you manipulate moisture and the overall health and well being of your hair. Myavana will equip you for any season and style. Sign up to our newsletter and stay in the loop. Let’s help you get to hair heaven.

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