Keri Hilson’s Journey to Hair Rediscovery

Keri Hilson’s Journey to Hair Rediscovery


Singer & Songwriter, Keri Hilson, has teamed up with Myavana as a brand ambassador. She opens up about the highs and lows of her hair journey and shares special moments where she began to rediscover the love for her hair and herself.

Earliest Hair Memories

“I would describe my hair journey as a rediscovery,” Hilson says. Hilson's first memories of her hair journey began as a child on the swim team. She remembers coming home every night from swim practice and having to manage her wet hair. She went through the process every night of having to go from wet to dry hair and, of course, this caused hair damage. During this time she had a relaxer, which made matters worse because chlorine and relaxer don't mix. She remembers feeling like her hair was a problem because her coils were much tighter than her three sisters'.

"I had the hair that always had to get dealt with," she says.

Overwhelmed with the upkeep of her hair and the frustration of her journey, Hilson began wearing protective styles, but eventually cut her hair. During most of Hilson's career, she maintained a short haircut, but soon she began letting her hair grow out in its natural state, this is when she grew more of an appreciation for her hair.

The Turning Point

During this rediscovery within her hair journey, Hilson began learning how to wash, detangle, and manage her natural coils, and in the process of it all, Hilson fell in love with her hair again. She realized that she didn't have to figure out solutions alone and discovered that there were apps and other tools available to help her throughout her hair journey.

What Hilson likes most about Myavana is that it's able to help women through every phase of hair care. No matter what transition a woman is in within her hair journey, Myavana can always assist with the basics of hair care for any hair type.

Encouragement for Women

When asked what advice she would give to women about self-love and self-identity, she said, "You've got to believe that God didn't make a mistake on you."

She explains that women feel a lot of pressure to be something we're not, but although society applies this pressure, we don't have to be obsessed with societal norms and we have the ability to redefine what is beautiful.

"I'm honored to be a part of  a black-owned tech company that deals with hair," Hilson exclaims. She loves working with women of color in every capacity and believes that the Myavana app will be monumental. She's also stoked that it's ran by a black woman.

If you would like to see Keri Hilson's full interview, follow Myavana on Instagram @myavanahaircare.




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