MYAVANA HairScope™

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    MYAVANA HairScope™

    Product Information


    Introducing the MYAVANA HairScope™ - Hardware Device for Pro+ Stylists

    AVAILABLE FOR PRE-SALE NOW. Market Release on 15th June, 2024

    The MYAVANA HairScope™ is a revolutionary tool designed to put the power of precise hair assessment right in your hands. Imagine having a sophisticated, AI-powered companion that reveals what the eyes can’t see in your clients hair strands. That's exactly what the MYAVANA HairScope™ offers – a high-tech, user-friendly solution that enables beauty professionals to assess the hair and scalp health of their clients with great accuracy and tailor a healthy hair care plan unique to their needs. 

    It utilizes advanced microscopic technology coupled with cutting-edge segmentation-based AI algorithms to auto detect the health condition of individual hair strands. This AI-driven approach segments and identifies various types of hair damage, such as dryness, split ends, or breakage, providing a detailed and accurate evaluation of hair and scalp health. With every scan, our state-of-the-art HairScope™ gathers data on the hair condition and populates it into your client’s digital healthy hair care plan. You'll receive a detailed and accurate evaluation of your client’s hair, enabling you to tailor your salon services and hair care regimen to its exact needs.

    Join the hair industry revolution and experience a level of hair care precision you never thought possible. Whether you're a hair enthusiast or simply someone who craves the best for their client’s hair, this is the tool you've been waiting for. Get ready to transform unhealthy hair to the radiant, gorgeous hair that your clients have always dreamed of, all thanks to a new innovative tool under your belt - the MYAVANA HairScope™. New expertise is now in your hands – get ready to shine!

    Product Specs

    Hand-Held Device:

    Equipped with a high-resolution camera, sophisticated lighting, and magnification systems, enabling detailed examination of individual hair strands. Ergonomically designed for user comfort, it facilitates easy scanning of hair to assess health and detect damage.

    • Attached Camera: This core component captures high-resolution images of individual hair strands, enabling detailed examination.
    • Lighting System: Integrated lighting enhances image clarity, ensuring accurate visual representation of the hair’s condition.
    • Magnification System: Advanced magnification technology allows users to zoom in closely, revealing microscopic details of hair health that are not visible to the naked eye.


    The Station serves as a dual-purpose unit, providing a secure and convenient storage solution.

    • Storage and Conditionally Charging: The station serves as a convenient storage point for the hand-held device, potentially also functioning as a charging dock to ensure the device is always ready for use.This is to be included as extra to scope if we chose to go with wireless option.
    • Device Maintenance: It could also be designed to facilitate regular maintenance checks or software updates for the hand-held device.

    Shipping Information

    MYAVANA HairScope™ will be available for shipping from 15th June, 2024