11 Years of MYAVANA: Revolutionizing Textured Hair Care with Science and Technology

11 Years of MYAVANA: Revolutionizing Textured Hair Care with Science and Technology

Hello Myavana Family,

I hope this letter finds you well and that your hair journey is filled with confidence and beauty. As the founder of Myavana, I want to take a moment to reflect on our incredible journey together over the past 11 years—and express my deepest gratitude for your support and trust. 

When I started Myavana, my vision was so clear: to revolutionize the hair care industry through the power of data-driven science and technology. Today, I am thrilled to say that we have been successful in our mission and vision—thanks to your unwavering support.

At Myavana, our goal has always been to alleviate the stress often associated with caring for textured hair. We want to empower women by helping them understand the unique characteristics and individual needs of their hair, regardless of where they are on their hair growth and styling journey.

One of our proudest achievements has been the development of Myavana AI technology, which paved the way for Myavana SI—an advanced scientific intelligence hair analysis system all supported by consumer insights based on the 2 BILLION (and counting!) strands of hair we’ve processed to date. 

With our innovative, proprietary AI and scientific intelligence system, we can analyze the condition of your unique hair on a truly personalized level. By combining the power of data with our extensive research and development efforts at Myavana Labs, we can also assess the ingredients of thousands of hair care products on the market. This allows us to provide you with science-based, data-driven recommendations tailored to your specific hair needs. Our ultimate goal is to save you time, stress and money—all while helping your textured hair thrive.

Through our C.A.R.E. process—Consult, Analyze, Recommend, Educate—we are not only creating a hair care system, but also building community. Myavana is a safe space where women can connect and engage in honest discussions about how to nourish, care for and love their beautiful, textured hair. We firmly believe that the synergy between science and technology combined with your personal experiences is the key to unlocking the full potential of your hair.

Myavana’s transformative impact on textured hair care goes beyond the individual; it is reshaping the broader hair care industry as a whole. By advocating for personalized care and leveraging the power of data, we are challenging traditional norms and introducing a more inclusive and innovative future.

I am immensely grateful for your continuous support and the trust you have placed in Myavana. Together, we are redefining the standards of hair care, one strand at a time. Join us in this empowering movement by spreading the word about Myavana to your friends, family and hair care professionals. 

At Myavana, we are committed to making a lasting, positive impact in the lives of women around the world.


With warm regards,

Founder & CEO, MYAVANA


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