4 Proteins that Will Strengthen Your Hair and Add Balance to Your Hair’s Hydration Method

4 Proteins that Will Strengthen Your Hair and Add Balance to Your Hair’s Hydration Method


It’s common for many of us to get caught up into moisturizing our hair, believing that moisture is all we need to maintain healthy hair. It’s true that our hair needs moisture, but it also needs a strengthening agent, such as a protein treatment. 

If your hair is chemically altered with a permanent color or relaxer, or if you style your hair using heat, a protein treatment may be necessary to keep your hair strands strong and free from breakage. 

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Even if your hair is not chemically or physically altered, something as simple as the sun or wind could break down the keratin proteins in your hair strands. Keratin proteins are fibrous proteins that make up your hair. Once this protein in the hair breaks down, the hair becomes brittle and prone to breakage. 

The Best Proteins for Your Hair

  • Bamboo

  • Rice

  • Wheat

  • Silk

Bamboo Protein

This protein helps to strengthen the hair, adds thickness, and removes build-up from the scalp.

Rice Protein

Rice protein significantly increases the total hair volume and adds a natural shine to the hair. It also increases the hair’s ability to bind moisture, resulting in increased hair flexibility and strength.

Wheat Protein

This protein thickens and adds volume to hair that is thinning. It also adds shine and makes the hair more manageable.

Silk Protein

Silk protein helps improve the shine of the hair and adds elasticity to prevent breakage. It also smooths out the hair.

Use of Protein Treatments

You should aim to use a protein treatment once or twice a month. The overuse of protein treatments can lead to a protein-overload, which can result in dry hair and breakage. 

Also, be sure to utilize the protein-moisture balance technique, meaning that if you apply a deep protein treatment, you should follow up with a deep moisturizing treatment to balance out the protein. Too much of anything could be bad for you, so if you apply too much protein to the hair, you may experience hair breakage, and if you apply too much moisture to the hair, you may experience breakage due to a lack of structural support. 

Signs of Protein Overload

  • Hair feels brittle and stiff

  • Hair breaks off easily

  • Hair is dry

  • Hair lacks natural shine

It will take a bit of research on your part to find the best strengthening treatment for you, but in the long run it will be worth it. Make sure to pay close attention to the ingredients in your products so that you’ll know how to use the products and why you’re using the products.

If you’re still unsure of what products would work best for you, try Myavana’s Hair Analysis Kit and receive a detailed report on what products are best for your hair. 

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