Twist Out w/ Perm Rods Style Guide

Here are the steps, instructions, and video tutorial to achieve the style! Please show us how it turns out by taking a photo and hashtag #ShopMyStyle! 

Step 1: Cleanse your hair with Jane Carter Solution Nourishing Shampoo and apply Jane Carter Solution Revitalizing Leave In Conditioner.  Grab section of hair and saturate with Jane Carter Solution Wrap and Roll.

Steps 2-4: After applying Jane Carter Solution Wrap and Roll twist hair from root to tip.

Steps 5-7: Wrap twisted hair completely around flexi rod.

Step 8: Take a new section of hair and saturate with Jane carter Solution Wrap and Roll and repeat steps 2-7.

Step 9: Allow hair to completely dry under hair dryer or overnight.

Step 10: Carefully remove flexi rods from twists.

Step 11: Once you have removed all the flexi rods, begin to unravel each twist.

Step 12: Your hairstyle is complete! Share your style on social media and hashtag #ShopMyStyle!