Start Your Healthy Hair Journey

Start Your Healthy Hair Journey

Healthy Hair on Demand


MYAVANA uses AI technology to provide you with instant style and product recommendations based on your unique hair type.

Healthy Hair Education


Our scientists will help you discover the best way to reach your hair goals when you submit a sample and send in your kit for analysis. We will test your hair for all the characteristics leading to root-to-tip bliss.

healthy Hair Support


Regardless of where you are in your journey, the healthy hair experts at MYAVANA will reintroduce you to your strands and outline your path to hair heaven.

“This ‘high-tech Matchmaker’ is the next big thing in beauty.”

— Marie Claire Magazine

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Your hair is one of a kind and requires an individual approach for daily maintenance. Each MYAVANA experience is tailored to help you learn about your hair and its uniqueness. Our team of scientists evaluates your hair to identify the right products, regimens, and tools.

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