Simplify Your Hair Care Routine No Matter Your Hair Type or Texture

Simplify Your Hair Care Routine No Matter Your Hair Type or Texture


The Myavana Philosophy

We’re here to bring back simplicity to your hair care routine. Many of us have tried tons of products and techniques on our hair, only to discover that the results are not what we hoped for. At Myavana, we’ve eliminated your hair care stress by identifying 3 hair characteristics every woman should know about their hair to achieve desired results. These three hair characteristics are:

  • Hair texture

  • Hair type

  • Hair condition

Let's dive right into hair texture!

Hair Texture

Hair texture can be determined by the feel of the hair and by the degree of fineness or thickness of the hair. The main components of determining hair texture are curl pattern, volume, and consistency.

A wonderful way to describe hair texture is to compare textures to fabrics. The larger the diameter of the hair strand and the thicker the hair feels, it can be compared to denim or wool. Medium textures are quite different, as it is a blend of fine and thick textures. Hair texture is divided into the following three categories:

  • Fine texture = Silk

  • Medium texture = Cotton

  • Thick texture = Wool

Here's a quick guide to determine the products you need based on your hair texture

Fine Texture

Challenge: Too soft

Solution: Add strengthening properties to the hair by using protein shampoos and conditioners

Medium Texture

Challenge: Too Spongy

Solution: Add anti-frizz products to your hair care routine and use smoothing shampoos and conditioners

Thick Texture

Challenge: Too wiry / dry

Solution: Add hydrating properties by using moisturizing shampoo/conditioner and steam therapy

Hair Type

Hair type refers to your hair’s curl pattern. Hair types are defined as straight, wavy, curly and coily. You can easily determine your hair type by observing the curl pattern of your hair after it air dries from a wash or shampoo.

Hair Condition

Awareness towards the overall condition of your hair is extremely important. Knowing when your hair is in good or bad condition will help you in how you care for your hair. It will also determine what products you use on your hair. Harsh chemicals and heavy products may not be the best choice for damaged hair, but a healthy head of hair may be able to endure a bit more manipulation and chemical processes.  

We hope this helped you in developing a better hair care routine that will help you maintain a healthy and manageable head of hair.

Need a deeper look at your unique hair combination to discover a winning regimen for beautiful, healthy hair? Start your personalized hair care experience with a MYAVANA Hair Kit.


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