Letoya Luckett-Walker Embraces Trials & Triumphs throughout Her Hair Journey

Letoya Luckett-Walker Embraces Trials & Triumphs throughout Her Hair Journey


The lovely Letoya Luckett-Walker has teamed up with Myavana as a brand ambassador, and she has shared her hair journey story with us!

Earliest Hair Memories

Letoya's grandfather has owned a hair salon since she was a child. Letoya was raised in the hair salon and hair care was something that she was taught at an early age. She recalls her time in the former music group, Destiny's Child, where she learned how to shampoo, condition, color, and braid her group members' hair.

Letoya admits that her hair journey was a rough one and she had certain insecurities that made her hair journey difficult. She reveals that in the early stages of her hair journey, her confidence had a lot to do with how she styled her hair. She had a small complex about her forehead, so she would always wear a bang to cover it up.

"I felt like, until I become more confident with my face, I'm gonna hide it," she said.

Letoya struggled with accepting her curls as a young girl, she wanted her hair to be straight like her classmate's hair. She remembered times when she would come home from school, put her hair on an ironing board, and use an iron to straighten her curls.

The Turning Point

Eventually, Letoya began to see the true beauty within herself and decided that God made no mistakes when he created her. She wasn't going to hide anymore. At this point, Letoya was inspired to do the big chop. She became more confident in who she was and began wearing styles that showed off her face.

Encouragement for Women

When asked what advice she would give to others dealing with self-esteem and self-identity, Letoya explained that beauty starts from within and that self love should be our first priority. We have to love ourselves before we can expect love from someone else.

"Don't be afraid to love on yourself," she said.

Letoya says that what she loves most about the Myavana brand is that it's a gathering place for men and women to find products that work best for their hair.

"My girls have a gathering place to find the right products just for them."

Letoya is proud to be a part of a brand led by African American women, but she also believes that Myavana will benefit all women and help them learn how to care for their hair in a better way.

To see Letoya's full interview, follow Myavana on Instagram @myavanahaircare. If you're looking for hair care products that are just right for you, download the Myavana app and subscribe.






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