How To Care For Your Hair Type The RIGHT Way

How To Care For Your Hair Type The RIGHT Way


The Myavana Philosophy

All hair types are beautiful and they come with their own personalities. Hair type envy should definitely be a thing of the past because there are so many techniques we can use to really bring our curl patterns to life. Let's break this "hair type" topic down and make it easier to understand.

Hair Type

Your hair type refers to the form and shape of each strand of hair, simply put, it's your hair's curl pattern. Curl patterns can range from tight spiraled curls to a very loose wave. The interesting thing is that natural hair types are genetically determined before birth, and there are usually three or more different curl patterns on one head.

You may notice the different curl patterns at the hairline, crown, nape, occipital (bone towards back of head) and temple areas. Curl patterns are prone to change over time due to chemical processes and physical changes.

The 4 hair types are:

  • Straight

  • Wavy

  • Curly

  • Coily/Kinky

The Best Maintenance Plan for Your Hair Type

Different hair types have their own challenges, and sometimes a professional touch is needed to help those curls thrive. We've broken these maintenance plans down in a simple guide just for you!


Challenge: Too Limp  

Solution: Detox & Strengthen  

Professional Service: Trims in horizontal lines


Challenge: Too Frizzy  

Solution: Smoothing Agents  

Professional Service: Steam, mid to heavy weight conditioning


Challenge: Too Dry  

Solution: Strand-by-Strand Treatment

Professional Service: Complete strand application, steaming


Challenge: Too Tangled  

Solution: Volumizing Treatment  

Professional Service: Detangle with light weight conditioner, horizontal line trims

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