Eudoxie Bridges Discovers a Love for Her Curly Tresses

Eudoxie Bridges Discovers a Love for Her Curly Tresses


Myavana is pleased to introduce mother, wife, and business woman, Eudoxie Bridges, as a brand ambassador. Bridges takes us down memory lane of her earliest hair memories and shares her best and worst hair moments with us!

Earliest Hair Memories

Eudoxie grew up in Gabon, a country in Central Africa.  She recalls her earliest hair memory at around twelve years of age when she first discovered that her hair was curly. She remembers playing around in the ocean and once she emerged, her hair was curly. She said that this discovery was one of the best moments in her hair journey.

The Turning Point

Eudoxie admits that one of the toughest parts of her hair journey was losing the curls that she loved so much. She lost her curls after getting a keratin treatment, which is a treatment that helps strengthen the hair and reduce frizz and breakage. Although there are many benefits of the keratin treatment, there are also downsides, and unfortunately, Eudoxie says that since having the treatment done, her hair hasn't been the same in ten years.

Realizing that mistakes will be made along the way in any hair care journey, Eudoxie appreciates the Myavana brand because it connects different hair types with the appropriate products. She says that instead of going to the stores trying to figure out what products work best for you, Myavana recommends the right products and delivers them right to you.

Encouragement for Women

When asked what advice she would give to women she said, "Self love is knowing you are unique."

Eudoxie says that accepting yourself from within is self love. She reminds women that God didn't make a mistake when he created them. She also encourages women to be content with who they are and never compare themselves to others because we were all created differently.

Eudoxie believes that Myavana is a brand that is helping women to love and accept their natural hair because it has given women confidence in the hair care process. She says that Myavana has introduced products that help tame the hair. When women are able to better manage their hair and achieve their desired results, it makes them love their natural hair even more.

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