My Personalized Hairstyle Recipe

$ 19.99

Imagine if you could have the exact step-by-step recipe to achieve any style along with recommended products and techniques for your hair type & texture. Can you say hair heaven?! No more wasting time, money, and the many frustrations from an unsatisfactory hairstyle. Myavana eliminates the guesswork with science + style right in the palm of your hand.

Master your wash & go with "My Curls & Go" signature hairstyle recipe. Because everyone loves a poppin' wash & go right? Tell us your Hair Goals & Hair Challenges and we'll get your unique Hair ID started and a personalized selection of product solutions to get the perfect wash & go! Your digital hair profile in the Myavana Mobile App will also include the exact steps to follow to nail the technique for the best results. Request yours by Wednesday at midnight to be added to your hair profile on Friday by noon!

Wash days just got a million times better..... 💕☁️👑