Everything You Need To Know About Hair Color: A Consumer's Guide When Considering Hair Color

$ 9.99
Are you considering color but not sure what your first steps should be? Or do you have hair color but struggling how to maintain your hair's health and the color vibrancy? The scientists, engineers, and researchers on the Myavana Team took time out to create an ebook filled with everything you need to know before you book your next hair color appointment! Learn everything about the science behind the bleaching process, how to choose a color that compliments your skin tone, and how hair color can affect your hair's texture, type and condition. Included are Myavana certified guides and tips to maintaining healthy colored hair as well as 3 *Need-To-Know* checkpoints you should discuss with your stylist before your next service. Become an expert in hair color and achieve hair color nirvana with our latest ebook perfect for consumers considering hair color!