Three Ways To Grow Your Hair Longer


Growing longer hair every year is a goal that many naturals have in mind. It is a goal that has been achieved by many and yet remains elusive to some. If you are looking to get serious about gaining hair length, then it is time to start setting goals to breakage proof your hair. Here are three ways to ensure your hair reaches your length goals:

1. Accept No Less Than 3 Inches Per Year

If you find your hair growth to be stagnant or you find that you gain less than 3 inches per year, you should consider that your hair is breaking at a fast rate. It is true that hair has a terminal length when it stops growing but hair could take as long as a decade to get there. It is also possible to have a slow growth rate but even low estimates put a slow rate at around 3 inches per year.

2. Shedding And Breakage Is All Hair Loss

Many of you will be able to quote that it is normal to shed 50-100 hairs per day and therefore expect perhaps if you have been in a protective style for a week or two, quite a bit of hair may come out. One of the worst things to do is to expect plenty of hair to be lost during a detangling session. This can lead you to unnecessarily comb or brush a section of hair with more wear inflicted on your hair. Your general aim should be to minimize all hair loss.

3. Detangling Should Be Pain-Free

The bottom line is that detangling your hair should never under any circumstances be painful. If it is, then you need to consider detangling in smaller sections or changing your method of detangling.  Pain at the root leads to breakage at the root and results in long sections of broken hair that can be confused for shed hair.

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