The Easiest Way To Get Shiny Hair

Dull isn't cute. Nothing is glamorous about a dull diamond or mesmerizing about dull, murky water. We all want beautiful, luscious, shiny hair! But how?! When we see the hair commercials the model's hair seems to ebb and flow like water and have the shine of a handcrafted jewel. But shiny hair is not just for hair commercials!

"Shiny hair is not just for hair commercials!"

Dull hair is hair that is not retaining enough moisture. It comes down to the cuticle layer, which the outer protective layer of the hair shaft. When your strands are healthy and hydrated, the cuticle layer lays flat and the hair's natural oil, sebum, is easily able to coat the strand and reflect light. BLING! Beautiful, shiny hair nirvana. However, with dull hair, the cuticle layer is raised and does not reflect light as easily. Dull hair can result from highly porous hair, product buildup and rough mechanical manipulation. Another culprit of dull hair is a lack of moisture or water. According to Authority Nutrition, on average you should be drinking eight eight-ounce glasses of water a day, or about two liters worth. Are you drinking enough? Here are three ways to get your water intake up and be on your way to shiny hair nirvana:
Tip 1: Start Small. Start A Plan
Yes, we want your hair (and body) to be fabulous and hydrated, but trying to start off drinking an entire gallon in one day can be a little extreme; not to mention the ungodly amount of trips to the restroom. Start small with a goal. Rome wasn't conquered in a day. Set a goal to drink half a gallon in a day. Track your progress and increase your amount every week. Your hair will be reflecting sunlight in no time!
Tip 2: Set a Timer
In our ever-moving world sometimes we can forget that we're thirsty, let alone that our strands are extremely parched! At the beginning of your day set a few timers to remind yourself to take a sip. This will help you be more aware of your goals and progress of getting enough water and your hair will start to show it!
Tip 3: Know Where You Are
Your strands can reveal a lot about your hair health, however, most issues cannot be seen with the naked eye. The state of your hair's porosity, elasticity and condition can give a closer look at the care your strands may need. The engineers, scientists and hair experts at Myavana can recommend the perfect products and regimens for your hair. Know where your strands stand and start your path to hair nirvana with a hair analysis kit.

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