The 5 Love Languages of Hair

1 Corinthians 11:15 Good News Translation (GNT)

15 but on a woman it is a thing of beauty. Her long hair has been given her to serve as a covering.

Hair is love and love covers all things. There are so many definitions of hair. Hair is expressed by texture, type and condition. We understand that hair is unique as a fingerprint. The makeup of hair being hard keratin as well as the biological and chemical aspects go on and on. The question is “What is Hair”? My answer is Hair is love. I have educated customers, stylists and major companies on hair and hair care. The answer is all the same. If you love the hair, the hair will love you back. This is the road map on loving your hair and everyone else.

There are 5 Love Languages of Hair:

  1. Strand Life: Speak to Your Hair

Words have power. Speak love into your hair. Lift up your texture and type by seeing the beauty in the looseness or tightness of your curls. Don’t ever reject your current state if there are challenges, know that they are temporary. Do positive hair beauty affirmations. Here are 3 to get you started.

I am beautiful inside & out.

I am confident wearing my authentic hair texture & type.

My hair is healthy, manageable and strong.

2. Protect & Serve: My Professional Hair Care Partner

Professional Hair Care Services are a vital in serving hair love. Color, cuts and treatments are critical changes that sometimes if not all times need professional expertise. Investing in the time, energy and cost of pro care is a love language that we have expressed forever. Finding the right pro partner is key.


         3. Feed the Follicle: Daily Care

Hair love is evident in premium ingredients,  luxe products, and custom blending. Your personalized daily care is the daily food for your follicles. Moisture, oil and strengthening ingredients like silk protein feed follicle to produce hydrated strong hair. Know what your hair needs to survive and thrive.


        4. Hair Spa Life: Regimens, Rituals & Remedies

Hair Spa Life is the luxury of hair care love, like scalp massages, steam therapy  and scalp treatments. The Hair Spa Life is about taking the time to relax and retreat in regimens that feed the follicle, rituals that nourish your the soul of your hair, and remedies to improve the beauty and wellness of each strand. Try aromatherapy for an ultimate hair spa experience. The aroma of lavender is great for relaxing any hair stresses of the mind.  



       5. Touch & Feel: Loving Your Fabric

Touch and Feel is one of the strongest love language. When you touch and feel your fabric of hair it says everything. No matter if it it’s a cotton, wool or silk, the feel tells us if it’s breaking, dry or weak. It also tells us if it’s beautiful, full of body and shine. Never be afraid to touch it, love it and rub it down. Your fingers are the wands to creating the magic of your hair.


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