7 Reasons Why We Are Crochet Crushin’: Fresh & Fab

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Crochet Crushin’ over here at the Myavana Camp researching for Shop My Style Collections!!!! We always check out all the latest and greatest protective styles, hands down Crochet Braid Styles are Fresh & Fab! Even though the technique is not new, the textures, colors and lengths give us a playground of style variety. Protective styling has it privileges when growing your hair out, taking a break from heat styling and hair care recovery. These are 7 reasons we love this style.

  1. Color Options We can go from Barbie Blonde to Black Onyx without compromising the health of our hair. It’s perfection for testing subtle changes to serious shocking new color trends.
  2. Protective Care: Length retention is a common goal. It’s huge to retain the ¼ to 1 inch of hair that we grow each month. Crochet braids are a good way to prevent the wear and tear of daily maintenance while reaching length goals. Before getting your Crochet Braids get a really good trim from your professional partners to increase density and strength.
  3. Natural Looking Textures: Here’s the Crushin’ Fresh & Fab part. We are able to rock fierce fro’s, wonderful waves and super kinky twists. The list goes on and on of texture options. The cool thing also is instant gratification. The transitioning phase from relaxer to a curly girl just got shorter. Your dream hair texture is now a reality almost instantaneously.
  4. Save Time: The days of countless hours for protective styles with extensions are over. According to the stylist skill set, size of braids and chosen style Crotchet braiding techniques can be installed as little of an hour and a half.
  5. Save Money: Let’s just say I’ve spent way too much money on protective styles in the past. The cost of Crochet Styles are considerably less than many of the traditional braids and twists. Not to mention the DIY possibilities from all the great tutorials online.
  6. Style Versatility: The simplicity of shifting the placement of your part from the center to the side, gives a few totally different looks. Style options are endless, no parts, long tresses, medium bob cuts and short sassy styling create a plethora of Fresh & Fab versatility.
  7. Workout & Go Style: Workout & Go, say no more. As we transform our bodies, we can transform our hair. Workout out in the morning before getting your day started and not be concerned about styling your hair is priceless. Use a leave in conditioner on your hair and scalp for Fresh & Fab healthy hair protection.

Now browse and choose your Fresh & Fab looks and I'm sure that you will be Crochet Crushin' too!!!!!





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