This Week In Hair July 31st

This Week In Hair

If Big, Natural Hair is In, Why Don't We See it On Television?

The natural hair movement is here among the black community and it's safe to say it is growing without a reason to stop. However, with the rise of black women portrayed in media, the portrayal of natural hair has not increased. As Shondaland consumes our televisions, between Empire’s Cookie, Scandal’s Olivia Pope, Being Mary Jane’s MJ and State of Affairs’ president all these women are either sporting wigs or weaves. Although regular black women have caused a decline in the perm industry as well as tossed their straightening tools, natural hair and its diversity in media does not truly depicts the millions of views natural YouTube gurus such as Naptural85 are receiving. The media is not matching the market. It is interesting how an industry that thrives off trends is not grasping to the “Lupita Effect.” There are exceptions, however. ABC’s Blackish, starring Tracee Ellis Ross and her luscious curls during every episode. Also Crystal R. Fox of Tyler Perry’s the Haves and the Have nots dons her coily afro and The Walking Dead’s Michonne wears her dreadlocks as she slices up zombies. It used to be that the beauty and diversity of black hair was all over media through The Cosby Show, A Different World, and Living Single. However, most television shows are not written for nor by black people. There is hope that the beauty of black hair will have her day in media. Read More...

'You Are So Beautiful!': How White Mom Bonds With Black Daughter Over Her Hair

Lauren Casper is the adopted mother of 3-year old Arsema. This mother-daughter duo bonds specifically every Saturday evening over movies, snacks and of course hair. Casper and her husband adopted Arsema from Ethiopia a little over three years ago. Prior to Arsema’s arrival, Casper intentionally researched black hair and raising black children. Casper continues to learn daily about the art and cultural significance of black hair in order to teach her daughter how to love and care for her hair. Casper created a pinterest board specifically for her daughter full of natural hair styles. Every Saturday evening, the two sit down and Arsema picks a movie and Lauren lets her daughter pick which hairstyle she would like to try. There is so much joy, bonding, giggling, and hugging between them as Lauren recreates the hairstyle on her daughter’s afro textured hair. Lauren exclaimed that her favorite part is when Arsema looks in the mirror and a huge smile comes across her face as she shows her satisfaction. Her mother makes sure to tell her that she is beautiful and Arsema nods in agreeance. Although the time may come when Arsema wants to get her hair done professionally, her mother simply enjoys their mother-daughter moments together over hair. Read More...

Meet summer's coolest new hair trend: colombré

Ombre’ hair has been a huge hit in the hair world, but this summer has introduced a new twist. Colombre’ is the new hashtag this summer. Instagramers, beauty bloggers, and regular ladies alike are trying out this amazing new trend. Colombre’ uses the same techniques of ombre’ in order to lighten the ends of the hair, but then amazing paste colors are added over the lightened hair. The hair is more practical as far as regrowth and adds just enough funk without the commitment of bleaching and dying the entire head. Sometimes multiple colors are added, which creates the perfect hybrid of ombre’ and rainbow hair, both of which have been made popular by celebrities and social media gurus. Of course, you don't have to commit to the bleach at all to try out this trend before the end of the summer months. Extensions, weaves, and wash-out color dye are great ways to get your toes wet and look awesome with little to no damage to your own hair. Read More...

GoodHair provides fast, professional service for women with natural hair

Sometimes as a naturalista it is difficult to locate a salon that meets your hair needs as well as educates you on how to maintain healthy hair at home. However, there is an end to the merciless searching. Folake Oguntebi founded GoodHair is a pop-up concept salon that caters to women with textured hair. It also recommends products specific to one’s hair type and texture. The salon offers a washes, natural curly styles as well as a plethora of other hair styles all for the low price of $65. The pop-up concept is located in Sola Hair Salon in New York City. Oguntebi realized many natural women felt as she did and they expressed that when her crowdfunding campaign exceed the original $15,000 donation goal. The Harvard-trained marketing professional and celebrity hair stylist, Angela Styles, partner together to welcome natural beauties back into the salon, one that will care and nurture their curls.  Read More...

Hair Styles of the Week

We are loving Monica's new colored, short do. Red screams look at me while the cut embodies sophistication and simplicity. She looks beautiful in it.

This look is timeless. The color pops so well when done with curls. We give this look two thumbs up!

 Solange still manages to steal out hearts with her big fluffy curls. She is so stylish and beams of confidence. Her hair is simply stunning.

Supermodel Jourdan Dunn surprised us with these bold purple extensions this week. We absolutely love it! The loose curls really give this look lots of body. Have fun experimenting on colors like this one ladies!


I'm afraid this week's hair fail goes to miss Raven Symone. We're just not feeling it, at all. The color is beautiful, but the cut is all wrong and doesn't compliment her very well. Let's see how she pulls this one around!

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