This Week In Hair July 10th

KGW’s Brenda Braxton wins ‘Best Hair in Oregon’

Brenda Braxton has shook air waves. Not only is she the KGW Sunrise anchor, but has just been awarded the title of the ‘Best Hair in Oregon’ by the online “Hairry” list. Her short pixie cut is classy, stylish, with just enough rockability. Even with two children, a love for cooking and gardening, as well as performing as an extra on the show “Grimm,” Braxton always makes sure her hair is kept sharp and clean every time she is on the air. Read More

Sensa Salon in Seattle Re-Purposes Hair Clippings for Oil Spill Cleanup

We love our hair! Hair makes us feel beautiful, empowered, confident, and unstoppable. Our hair can also help save our planet. Sensa Salon in Washington State recycles its hair clippings from haircuts and sends them to be formed into “hair booms”. Hair booms are bundles of scrap human hair that are used to soak up oil after oil spills. Sena Salon takes it a step further and recycles used foil, plastic, paper, and even chemicals to be used to extract remaining water. The salon is a part of Greencircle salons, which equips salons to be more environment-friendly. More than one hundred salons are a part of Greencircle salons. Hopefully, more salons nationwide will jump on this resourceful way to save our planet one big chop at a time. Read More

Thousands of women are burning their hair with candles as part of a trendy but bizarre beauty treatment

Beauty treatments have ranged from conditioner and elixirs purchased from the store and a variation of food from our own pantries, but the latest treatment is definitely hot and raging. Velaterapia is the burning hair via a candle. The hair is twisted and a candle is ran under the clients’ hair.  The heat from the candle is said to burn off split and damaged ends while making the hair shiny and sleek. Sceptics claim that although the candle heat is burning the damaged ends, it may also be create vulnerable hair shafts. This treatment is supposedly for all hair types, whether chemically processed or natural. Velaterpia has become popular from Brazil, but it has also been practiced in South Africa since the 1960s. The process can take about two to three hours to complete. Victoria Secret models Alessandra Ambrosia and Barbara Fialho regularly partake in this practice. Read More

Hair Trends

Ciara has been on fire lately! She pulls off this look so beautifully. We are always a fan of the long wavy look.

High buns give us a chance to relieve our shoulders and back of our tresses yet exemplifies such elegance. High buns gives us chance to show off our beautiful neck line and striking facial structure. Perfect for a hot day.



We loovee this look, because it is so easy to maintain and sport. It easily adds a fun and flirty vibe. So incredibly easy to create.

We were hoping this was a prank, stunt, anything that wasn’t permanent. We love taking risk with our hair but it is all about working with our features and this just didn’t do it for us Karrueche. Has Halle been replaced and now you’re playing Storm in X-Men the trilogy? Help us figure this out girl.  

Blonde highlights on a short cut are a favorite of ours! This look is simply stunning and so compliments the cut so well. Fierce is written all over it.

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