This Week in Hair - July 3rd

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Zendaya Responds to New Hair Controversy

Zendaya has done it again! Rocking new hair looks is nothing new for the Disney star and neither is the controversy that follows. For the BET Awards this past weekend, Zendaya rocked a pixie-cut wig that matched her glittery mini dress and skyscraper heels. She looked stunning in her ensemble and had no shame in showing it via her Instagram photos and tweets on Twitter. Fans were not happy with the new look and in shock of the star with short hair versus her long tresses. However, Zendaya posted a video reassuring fans that her new do was indeed a wig and she had not cut her hair. Hair experimenting is a beautiful thing that more people should learn to embrace. From extensions, braids, and wigs, the possibilities of style are endless. Earlier this year at the Oscars, Zendaya rocked faux locks, which also receive backlash. Keep doing you boo because we are digging the hair love! Read more here...

Donald promises America a new 'do' if it makes him president: Trump reveals he will ditch his infamous hair style in the White House - because comb-over takes too much time to maintain

Donald Trump is known for many things from his reality show The Apprentice, his abundance of riches, and his yellow-blond comb-over. Trump recently stated that he would change his infamous hair do for a new look if he is voted as president of the United States in the upcoming elections. As he attempts to secure a seat as the Republican candidate for the presidency, Trump promises that his picture perfect comb-over will be no more because “it takes too long” to style and he would be working extremely hard if elected into office. Instead, he will opt for combing his hair straight back. Trump has received numerous controversy during his campaign from racist banter and distaste for the recent Supreme Court ruling for gay marriage. However, we can’t wait to see the comb-over make her appearance during his campaign and even a sneak peak of the presidential comb back. Read more here...

Taraji P. Henson Has Purple Hair!

Cookie! Oh, Taraji P. Henson has jumped aboard the ship of fantasy ombre’ hair color! The Empire star posted on social media her new do, purple to gray ombre’ tresses. Henson is probably last one the list of expected celebrities to take on this trend, but it is marvelous to see her showing a more creative and experimental side. Her hair stylist, Marcia Hamilton, created the look and color for the star using Pravana products and coining the hashtag “modern storm.” Henson is definitely rumbling and thundering the hair sphere with her bold and colorful look. Read more here...

Viral Teen Designer Bags Her First Red Carpet Commission

Kyemah McEntyre shut the internet down last month with her self-designed prom dress. Photos of the dress went viral and McEntyre became a sensation seemingly overnight. Her presence on the internet even grabbed the attention of Notorious star, Naturi Naughton, who commissioned her to design and create a dress for her BET Awards debut. But we would like to take this time to rave about McEntyre’s hair. Complementing her afro-centric prom gown was a glorious full afro. Her hair solidified her look as a true African queen with a little sass. No wonder her look went viral so fast, she is fierce! Read more here...

Hair Trends

We cannot get over how cute this style is! Adding a little feathering and texture to the shortest hair makes all the difference. Myavana approved!

Ms. Janet Jackson is back! Recently she treated us to this throwback style at the BET awards in June of 2015. This gave us an evening of original Janet nostalgia. She looks incredible and this hairstyle is simply beautiful. P.S. She clearly doesn’t age.

This gorgeous woman’s fro won her 1st place at the first ever natural hair competition in Cuba! How amazing is this! She looks fabulous! Confidence is everything.

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen recently snapped a pic in her vibrant blonde highlights that we absolutely adore. Loose and feathered curls will always be a favorite. A guaranteed head turner.

Zendaya.. Girl we hate it had to be you this week. A girl has to know what compliments her and what does not. This had so much potential to be truly stunning but this was a bonafide mess. ☹

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