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Brook-Lens: New Exhibit Opens in Bed-Stuy Celebrating Afros, Natural Hair

The beauty of the hair that naturally grows atop our heads is truly living art. Photographer, Michael July, captures this beauty in his new photo exhibit called “Afros: A Celebration of Natural Hair” opened this past Saturday. Muses of young and old were able to be a part of the photo exhibit, which is also a book of the same name. The photographs are meant to celebrate the wonderful diversity of natural black hair with its different colors, textures, and beauty in old and young age. The exhibit will continue through August 1 this year. Read more here...


For Clinton, There’s No Escaping The Spectacle of Celebrity

As Hillary Clinton visits Concord, New Hampshire, the crowd of campaign staff, Secret Service men, reporters, voters, and fans surround her almost instantly as she steps foot on the street. Some are not excited about the wave of people that accompany Mrs. Clinton. No less her name but also her hair is famously and completely intact and molded into a politically perfect bob lying on her shoulders. Her wisdom hair and blonde locks give her just enough credit to relate to younger and more seasoned generations. Read more here...

‘Hair Freedom’ Mini-Doc Explores The Natural Hair Movement in The UK

A new documentary has been released addressing the good and the bad of the natural hair movement in the United Kingdom. Zindzi Rocque Drayton is the YouTube content creator behind ‘Hair Freedom,” a mini-documentary, which features street interviews, commentary and perspectives on the Eurocentric beauty ideals and the rise of black beauty appreciation worldwide. Developed for the British Broadcasting Corporation RAW, the ten minute video is insightful and full of a handful of opinions concerning black women and their hair professionally, socially, and politically. 

Women Rush To Dye Their Hair Black After Rumours spread that any Blondes or Redheads who Aren’t Gangsters’ girlfriends could be killed as Violence and Fear grip El Salvador


Homicides in El Salvador have reached a record amount in the last month. There has been over 600 homicides all which are due to the recent rise of gang violence in the country. People are banned from wearing yellow or red in gang affiliation and it so extreme that blondes and redheads that are not the girlfriends of gangsters could jeopardize their lives. Women, from different walks of life and financial income, are storming their local hair salons and opting for darker hair color.  Read more here

Positive Propaganda: Cuba Holds Its First Natural Hair Competition to Promote Black Pride

Havana performance artist, Susana Delahante held a black hair competition in Cuba this past weekend. Black and mixed-race women were invited to compete in three hair categories – natural, braided and dreadlocked.  The two hour competition which had over 70 contestants was described as an effort to bolster pride within the Afro-Cuban community. Read more here

Hair Trends

When have finger waves ever looked so chic?! I’ll wait! This look is so unique and beautiful. It is the perfect example of the variety of styles our chicks rocking short cuts can try. The color really makes this look so fun and eye-catching. Shop My Style approved!

Yarn dreads have really taken to popular interest in recent years and we see why! This look is so stunning and it’s totally achievable with minimal supplies and expertise. You can add your own colors and accessories. There’s no way you can be bored with this one!

Lil Kim.. Girl.. Where did we go wrong with you?! Not only is her weave looking like a bird’s nest but her eyebrows are nearly transparent. We love us some Queen B, but she really tried it with this one! The wig had so much potential, and what looks like a simple fix with a comb, brush, maybe a little shine spray and a prayer, this could’ve been avoided. Prayers up for this poor wig.. lace front.. what ever it is because we really can’t tell. We need clarity sister.

Red hair is making it’s comeback this summer. Red hair can easily look like your at-home kool-aid science experiment which is why this color must be done carefully.. but when it’s done right, it never disappoints! It’s a guaranteed head-turner everyone you go!

Hair Events

Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Charleston Natural Hair Expo celebrates women who embrace the various textures of their hair. The event features educational workshop, blogger panel discussions, fun events for kids and a social mixer designed to empower women in all areas of her life.

  • 10am – 4:30pm Natural Hair Expo
  • 9pm – 12:30am – All White Party

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