3 Tips To Restore Your Hair's Porosity

3 Tips to Help Restore Your Hair's Porosity


Porosity is a buzz word thrown around the hair care community but what does it actually mean? Simply, porosity the is the ability to absorb moisture and retain it. The position of cuticle layers on each of our hair strands determines our hair’s porosity. You can compare it to the shingles on a roof. If the shingles are open wide, water can easily get in but also easily flow out. For hair, this is high porosity. Hair porosity is important because it dictates how to approach the hair for health and style. Chemical changes such as color can greatly affect the porosity of your hair by opening up the cuticle layer. Here are three tips to restore your hair’s porosity:

Tip 1: Clean Hair Is Healthy Hair

Using clarifying shampoos ensures that you get a deep cleanse of your hair. This helps to create a clear strand palette for products to penetrate and make a true change from the inside out.

Tip 2: Stronger Is Better

Deep conditioners strengthen the strand from the inside out with protein and moisture balance. Low molecular weight products penetrate deeper, improving the hair on a deeper level.

Tip 3: Know Where You Stand

Your porosity cannot be determined from the naked eye, however, one common indicator is dry hair. To better gauge the condition of your strands you can purchase a hair analysis kit where our team of scientists and engineers will analysis the texture, type and condition of your hair. Our product recommendation system can determine the perfect products for your hair.

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