3 Tips to Reduce Product Buildup

Product Buildup: A Hair Epidemic


Imagine a healthy and shiny hair strand, joyous and free. Then the sky gets a dark eery gray and KAPLUNK! A huge ball of shea butter falls onto the strand! KAPLUNK! Coconut oil falls on top of the strand locking in the shea butter underneath! KAPLUNK! Castor oil rings around the coconut oil, holding it in place. The strand tries to breathe and get away! Water tries to free the strand with no avail! KAPLUNK! KAPLUNK! KAPLUNK! The strand is lost in the sea of products and oils. Then on top of that, you decide to only co-wash.


A dramatic story, but true for so many of the strands we see in our lab at Myavana. This epidemic is called Product Buildup and is the main cause of dry, dull and frizzy hair. You can think of product buildup for your hair like your clothes. Imagine instead of washing your clothes with soap, you only "wash" them with fabric softener (aka co-washing). Your clothes never actually get clean! Your clothes are layered with Mountain Fresh goo instead of removing the dirt and grime. It is the same with our hair. If your hair is facing any of the challenges mentioned or your favorite product is no longer working, integrating these tips into your hair care regimen will help cure your hair dilemmas:

  1. Detox

Detox your hair with a clarifying cleanser to remove product, dirt and impurities from your hair and scalp. You can also clarify your hair with an apple cider vinegar rinse.

       2. Cleanse Weekly

We get questions all the time about the frequency women should wash their hair. Though it does depend on your lifestyle, we recommend cleansing with shampoo once per week to ensure that you are not a victim to product buildup and your hair stays clean! Clean hair is healthy hair!

      3. Get In The Know

Not sure if your strands have succumb to product buildup? Don't worry, your virtual curlfriends at Myavana can help! Get you Hair Analysis Kit today! The engineers and scientists at our lab can determine your hair's unique texture, type and condition. We can even join you on your path to hair nirvana by becoming a member


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