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a place of perfect peace and happiness, like heaven, for women and their hair.

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Our Story

"Hair represents a lot to women. It's confidence, freedom, identity, attitude, and our self-expression. We deserve to have the best resources to take care of our crowns, and ultimately be our best self." ~ Candace & Chanel

Our Vision

To help take the guess work out of caring for your hair. Myavana will be the catalyst of breakthrough for millions of women around the world by creating an unprecedented, innovative product to an outdated industry, while reinventing the standard of beauty.

Our Team

We are a team of computer scientists, business analysts, chemical engineers, and hair enthusiasts working together to recommend the best products, services, and hairstyles for your unique hair type!

Our Values

To transform not only an entire industry, but also create new economic opportunity in our community. We've been consumers for so long, it's now time to create businesses that leverage our own spending power.


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